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11th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM 2017)
Official Media Partners in alphabetical order


GeoPublishing AS      " GeoPublishing AS publishes GEO: the only popular geoscience magazine in Norway.

It covers the entire geoscience sector in Norway, including mining, construction and oil & gas. The magazine is issued 8 times a year.

GeoPublishing AS also publishes the website with daily news from the geosciences.

We report daily from the geoscience sectors in Norway, writing exclusive articles and sourcing news from other online news portals, to give our readers a "one stop shop" to stay updated on what is going on in their field."

International Mining (IM)      " International Mining (IM) led by the most experienced editorial team in the industry - Editor Paul Moore and Publisher John Chadwick - is the leading global technical publication for mining industry management to keep track of the latest trends in equipment, processes and methods.

It covers the full spectrum of the world's extractive industries from exploration through mining and processing to metallurgy and the finished products, covering the techniques and technologies required to recover all metals, coal, diamonds and industrial minerals.

Uniquely among technical mining titles, many of the articles are based on actual mine visits and direct contact with engineers, mine managers and other mining professionals.

In addition to the monthly flagship title, the subscription-only e-letter, International Mining Project News provides a fortnightly update on the latest news of prefeasibility and feasibility studies, development decisions, production achievements and expansions around the world. "

  Materia Magazine   Vuorimiesyhdistys-Bergsmannaföreningen   " Finnish Association of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Vuorimiesyhdistys-Bergsmannaföreningen r.y. was grounded in 1943.

At the beginning the amount of members was below 100 being now about 2500. Our members working in different organizations are responsible for demanding tasks covering the whole branch of Geology, Mining, Processing and Metallurgy.

The aim of the Association is to promote the know how and technology inside the branch in Finland and to support the networking between members. To reach its aims the Association arranges training, conferences, excursions and meetings.

The Association also publishes technical papers and books as well as the Materia Magazine. Materia is a technical-scientific magazine handling also current news inside the branch. Materia has achieved a steady position as the main Media in our branch.

The most important common event for all members is 'Vuorimiespäivät' consisting of annual meetings and actual presentations and culminating in the annual celebration. Vuorimiespäivät-event offers good possibilities to meet colleagues, change information and to network."

ProKaivos     " is the leading online mining media in Finland.

The service has 15.000 to 20.000 monthly visitors in average and is recognized by all stakeholders in the Finnish mining business. ProKaivos has the most comprehensive mining news service in Finland.

In addition to daily news, ProKaivos offers free business register, information on available working opportunities as well as centralized booking system and calendar for mining events. ProKaivos and its registered authors serve the Finnish mining industry also by writing and publishing articles about actual topics, research, new technical solutions, services and companies.

ProKaivos is owned by a non-profit company Future Missions Oy and operated in close partnership with the Finnish Mining Association, FinnMin. ProKaivos and Future Missions Oy together form a trusted partner in mining industry internationalisation, business development and financing."

Sompio-lehti / Lapin Lehtikustannus Oy   " Lapin Lehtikustannus Oy is a company which publishes regional newspapers Sompio, Inarilainen and Saariselän Sanomat in several languages.Our special issue is SompioMining.

Company headquarters is situated in the heart of Finnish Lapland, Sodankylä. Our organizational team is spread through northern Finland and all our newspapers are established local products with a strong heritage and a position tightly knit to our community through its members and our competent editorial staff.

As a company, Lapin Lehtikustannus Oy is a versatile and appreciated partner to several local companies and third party non-profit organizations. Sompio, Inarilainen and Saariselän Sanomat are made for local people by local professionals, who are proud members in our entrepreneurial team.

Mining industry influences to local social economy in several ways. Is there a better way to deliver a message to local people than through a local media? Hardly. Local media is with people from the cradle to the grave."