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FEM News 1 December 2016

FEM 2017 Trade Show


The preparations for the 11th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM 2017) are well under way.

The process of booking a booth at the FEM 2017 Trade Show will be same as for FEM 2015:

  • FEM 2015 exhibitors will get a priority renewal opportunity to book the same booth they had in 2015.
  • If you shared a booth at FEM 2015, please note that the priority renewal opportunity applies only to the main exhibitor, not the sharing companies. Sharing will still be possible at FEM 2017.
  • FEM 2015 main exhibitors have received a message asking for contact person information in December 2016. FEM 2017 Trade Show invitations for priority renewal will be sent only to the confirmed contact persons.
  • Invitations will be sent out by the end of January 2017, exact date to be confirmed. This invitation will include the link to the online booking form.
  • Deadline for booth renewals will be Friday 31 March 2017.  

Please check the list of FEM 2015 exhibitors:

All bookings will be made online. Also the payments for the booths will be charged online during the booking process (invoicing option with extra fee). FEM 2017 booth options and fees: