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7th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining - FEM 2009
Keynote Speakers


Jon Baird

Jon Baird, President - PDAC , Managing Director - CAMESE
Keynote:"Mineral Exploration: A Look Forward"

Jon Baird is a Canadian born and educated geophysicist. His career in mineral exploration and in marketing and selling to the mining industry has taken him to 71 countries. Since January, 1993, he has been the Managing Director of CAMESE, the Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export. Also, Jon has been on the Board of Directors of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada since 1995 and since March 2008, is President of that organization.

Graham Begg

Graham Begg, Director, Minerals Targeting International Pty Ltd
Keynote: "Lithospheric Mantle: The Architect of Major Ore Deposits"

Graham Begg is the 2009 International Exchange Lecturer for the Society of Economic Geologists. He has a BSc from Melbourne University and a PhD from Monash University. During 22 years with WMC Ltd and BHP Billiton Ltd he gained experience in exploration for a variety of commodities and from 2002 was responsible for the global targeting framework. For the past 7 years he has also been a principal investigator in a (WMC/BHPB) collaborative research project with the GEMOC group at Macquarie University, Sydney. This project aims to create the first detailed map of the continental mantle lithosphere, to facilitate a breakthrough in greenfields mineral discovery. In 2007 he formed his own consulting company.

Corina Hebestreit

Corina Hebestreit, Director, Euromines
Keynote: "A Year into the EU's Raw Materials Initiative: An Update from an Industrial Perspective"

Dr. Corina Hebestreit, after 8 years in associations in the non-ferrous metals industry, has been the Director of Euromines since November 1997 and over the years has taken over 3 other European and International Association linked to the extractive sector: carbon and graphite, barytes, and calcium carbide.

Ilmo Kukkonen

Ilmo Kukkonen, Research Professor, Geological Survey of Finland
Keynote: "Reflection Seismics in Exploration"  and
Short Course: Geophysics for Exploration Geologists

Ilmo Kukkonen (b. 1956) is a Research Professor in applied geophysics at the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). He graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology, Dept. of Mining and Metallurgy, in 1980 and received his doctoral degree from the same university in 1989. He joined the GTK in 1982 and since then has been involved in numerous projects in geothermics of the lithosphere, thermal evolution of the lithosphere, mantle xenoliths, thermal properties of rocks, geothermal resources, seismic structure and lithological composition of the crust, reflection seismic surveys in mineral exploration, groundwater flow in crystalline rock, geochemistry of deep groundwater, palaeoclimate, nuclear waste disposal, environmental and archaeological applications of geophysics, impact craters and meteorites. He is the project manager of the seismic reflection projects FIRE (2001-05) and HIRE (2007-09) and the science co-ordinator of the Outokumpu Deep Drilling project (2004-09).

Cam McCuaig

Cam McCuaig, Professor, Centre for Exploration Targeting, School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia
Keynote: "Exploration Targeting in a Business Context" and
Short Course: Structural Geology for Exploration Geologists

Professor Cam McCuaig has over 20 years experience in understanding ore systems. With international consulting firm SRK, cam rose to the position of Director and was leader of the Australasian strategy group. Cam's experience spans 6 continents, and numerous commodities including gold, nickel, copper, zinc, uranium, and iron; addressing issues ranging from greenfields exploration through to mine-based geology, due diligence and valuations of projects. Since 2005 Cam has been the Director of the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) based at the University of Western Australia, where his group's current focus is on advancing the understanding of mineral systems and exploration geosciences in a business context.

Yasushi Watanabe

Yasushi Watanabe, Professor, Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment, AIST
Keynote: "High-Tech Metals and Needs of Society"

Yasushi Watanabe has been working for Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ) for 25 years, leading Mineral Resource Research Group of GSJ. He was engaged in a metallogenic study of epithermal gold and base-metal deposits, as well as porphyry Cu deposits. He is presently conducting a project "Study of ore genesis and resource evaluation of rare earth and rare metals". He was Regional Vice President for Asia and Regional Vice President Lecturer of the Society of Economic Geologists as well as an associate editor of Economic Geology.