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Fennoscandian Mining Award and FEM Special Award

Rules for the Awards

• The Steering Committee of the FEM conference will nominate the FEM Award Committee consisting of minimum three persons representing the industry and academia.

• The FEM Award Committee can present Fennoscandian Mining Award(s) in connection with the aforementioned conference or with the frequency deemed appropriate by the award committee.

• The Fennoscandian Mining Award can be awarded to individuals, working groups, companies, associations or any other entity deemed appropriate by the Award Committee for an outstanding contribution to Fennoscandian mining industry.

• The FEM Special Award can be presented to individuals for outstanding contributions to Fennoscandian economic geology or mining industry. 


FEM 2019 Award Committee


Prof. Pertti Lamberg, CEO, Keliber Oy


Chair of the FEM 2019 Award Committee
Prof. Pertti Lamberg, 
CEO, Keliber Oy

"Pertti Lamberg (PhD, geology) CEO of Keliber Oy, Finnish company targeting to be producer of high quality lithium carbonate in near future. Pertti has more than 20 years' experience in mining industry and academia.

He has held several positions in Outokumpu and Outotec the last one being Director at Outotec Oyj (Plant Products). 2011-2016 Pertti worked as a Professor in Geometallurgy in Luleå University of Technology.

Pertti has wide technical expertise from exploration, resource characterization, geometallurgy and process design."

Jukka Jokela, Sakatti Project Manager, Anglo American (AA Sakatti Mining Oy)

Jukka Jokela, Sakatti Project Manager, Anglo American (AA Sakatti Mining Oy)

"Mr. Jokela has over 30 years of international experience in mineral exploration, geological research, and project and company management in different mining companies (Outokumpu Mining Oy, Polar Mining Oy, Store Norske Gull As, Northland Mines Oy and the Geological Survey of Finland).

Mr. Jokela joined Anglo American in the beginning of 2014. Since then he has been working as the Sakatti Project Manager and CEO of AA Sakatti Mining Oy.

Mr. Jokela holds M.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, from the University of Turku, Finland."

 Henrik Schiellerup, Team Leader - Mineral Resources, Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

Dr. Henrik Schiellerup, Team Leader - Mineral Resources, Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

"Henrik Schiellerup holds a position as Team Leader for Mineral Resources at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU).

He has a Ph.D. in igneous petrology/resource geology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and an M.Sc. in igneous petrology from the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

He also spent two years with the Nordic Volcanological Institute in Reykjavik, Iceland. He was employed as a researcher at the Geological Survey of Norway in 2001 and has worked at NGU since then."

Dr. Hans Årebäck, Senior Project Manager

Dr. Hans Årebäck, Senior Project Manager, Boliden

"Hans Årebäck Senior Project Manager for Boliden Mines. Educated in mineralogy and petrology at Göteborg University, graduated in 1992 and received a Ph.D in 2001.

Hans started his career in Saudi-Arabia in 1994 as a site geologist on a rock cavern project for ABV Rock Group. He then moved on to the "famous" Hallandsås tunnel project in Sweden.

In 1997 he started as an exploration geologist for Boliden and have since then worked with near-mine exploration, field exploration, resource estimation and project management in the field of VMS-, gold- and Cu-porphyry type deposits.

From mid 2009 to September 2013 Hans was the Exploration Director for Boliden Mines."

Dr. Jouni Vuollo, Head of Unit, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

Dr. Jouni Vuollo, Head of Unit,  Regional Geodata and Interpretation, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

"Jouni Vuollo is Head of Unit, Regional Geodata and Interpretation at the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). He is acting as chair of the IWG's EarthResourceML design task group from 08/2012 and also currently as a IUGC-CGI Council member.

More than 30 years experience on geological surveying and interpertation, 20 years GIS and data management at GTK, EU and globally, 8 years data modeling in geology (GeoSciML) and mineral resources (EarthResourceML) domains."