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Levi Summit
Levi Summit - Entrance
Levi Summit
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Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM)
General Information


Congress & Exhibition Centre Levi Summit, will offer a unique, first class venue for the FEM conference.

Free WiFi is available at the conference venue.

Smoking policy
Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside.

Getting about in Levi
Distances in Levi village are very short and services are within walking distance. The conference venue is located outside of the Levi village on the hillside of the Levi fell. The Levi Express Gondola lift will take you there in a couple of minutes - an experience and a source of inspiration in itself. Transportation between hotels and conference venue will also be provided.

Levi is a small mountain village, where services well exceed those of traditional holiday destinations. Levi Ski Resort is located amongst unspoilt nature and expansive wilderness. For more information, please visit

In Finland the standard time zone is UTC/GMT +2 hours.  

Weather forecast - Levi, Kittilä 

Levi Ski Resort