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9th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining - FEM 2013
Speakers - Thursday 31 October


Yury Voytekhovsky

Chair: Morning Session

Prof. Yury Voytekhovsky, Director, Geological Institute of the Kola Science Centre RAS

"Voytekhovsky Yury: graduated from St.-Petersburg Mining Institute (Geological Faculty, 1982), St.-Petersburg State University (Mathematical Faculty, 1994) and Centre for Geostatistics (Paris-Fontainebleau, 1996-1997), awarded Ph.D. in Ore Geology (1987) and D.Sc. in Mineralogy & Crystallography (1998), Chairman of Kola Branch of Russian Mineralogical Society (since 2003), Professor (2006), Director of Geological Institute of Kola Science Centre (2007). Life fellow of Mineralogical Society of India (2009), Chairman of History Commission of Russian Mineralogical Society (2010). Scientific profile: geology and mineralogy of ore deposits of Kola Peninsula; mathematical methods in natural sciences".  

Morten Smelror

Co-chair: Morning Session

Morten Smelror, Director, Geological Survey of Norway

"Morten Smelror is Director of the Geological Survey of Norway. After graduating (Cand. Scient in geology) from the University of Oslo (UiO) in 1985 he has held several research and management positions at SINTEF Petroleum Research Ltd. and the Norwegian University Science and Techonolgy (NTNU). In 1993 he received the Dr.philos degree from the UiO. In 2000 he joined the Geological Survey of Norway as director of the Geoscience Division, and from 2006 he was appointed Director General of the Survey. His research includes regional geology and petroleum exploration of the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Arctic."  

Anders Furbeck

Keynote: Social License to Mining - the LKAB Example
Anders Furbeck, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, LKAB

"Education: MSc Economics, School of Economics, Gothenburg 1985. LKAB's Senior Vice President, Sustainability. Year employed: 1985. Anders has held several management positions at LKAB in Production, Marketing, Purchasing, IT, Quality, Environment, Urban Transformation. Since 1999 Anders has been a member of the group management. As of April 2013 Anders is responsible for sustainability in LKAB." 

Ismo Haaparanta

Increased Production and Challenges in SVG
Ismo Haaparanta, CEO, Sydvaranger Gruve AS (Norway)

"Mr. Ismo Haaparanta has been the Chief Executive Officer of Sydvaranger Gruve AS ("SVG") since May 1, 2012. Mr. Haaparanta joined SVG from Yara International ASA, where he was General Manager of a Finnish fertilizer mine, processing and port complex. Mr. Haaparanta has 20 years of international experience in company management in different roles with a degree in Process Engineering and an EMBA from Turku School of Economics." 


LNS - Norwegian Mining Company with International Perspective
Anders Bergvik, Geologist, Rana Gruber AS

"Graduated from the University I Tromsø 1990, Master of Science in Geology. Worked as a consultant from 1990 until 1999. Worked in mineral processing industry from 1999 until 2008. Joined Rana Gruber AS in 2008, first as mine manager, recently as head of all mining activities in the LNS group."

Jukka Jokela

Northland Resources S.A. - Hannukainen IOCG Mine Development Project in Northern Finland
Jukka Jokela, Vice President - Finnish Operations and Exploration - NRSA, Managing Director - Northland Mines Oy

"Mr. Jokela joined Northland in September 2008 as Senior Manager Regional Exploration and Managing Director of Northland Exploration Finland Oy. He was appointed as Vice President of Finish Operations in December 2010.

Mr. Jokela has over 25 years of international experience in mineral exploration, geological research, and project and company management in different mining and exploration companies (Outokumpu Mining Oy, Polar Mining Oy, Store Norske Gull As, and the Geological Survey of Finland). Mr. Jokela holds M.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, from the University of Turku, Finland."  

Tracey Kerr

Chair: Afternoon Session

Tracey Kerr, Group Head of Exploration, Anglo American Exploration

"Tracey Kerr graduated from the University of Sydney in 1986 with a B.Sc Hons degree; she also has a Masters from CODES. In 1987 she commenced work with BHP Minerals Exploration in Australia.Tracey worked for BHP for 18 years, based in Australia, UK and Canada From 2001 to 2005 she worked in BHPB's global iron ore exploration team, prior to becoming Global Iron Ore Commodity Specialist for BHPB Mineral Exploration.

In late 2005 Tracey joined Vale in Australia as a Technical Coordinator for the Australasian region, responsible for project generation. In 2007 she became General Manager of Technical Services. In July 2008 she was became Director, Exploration - Americas for Vale. In August 2011 Tracey joined Anglo American as Group Head of Exploration, based in London, UK." 

Leena Yliniemi

Co-chair: Afternoon Session

Leena Yliniemi, Adjunct Professor
University of Oulu, Finland

"Doctorate degree in Process Engineering at the University of Oulu (UO) at 1999 and docent in Control Engineering at 2001. Worked as chief engineer at the Department of Process and Environmental Engineering in UO until 2010 and as research professor at Oulu Mining School from 2011 as the aim the development of mining education and research."

Pertti Lamberg

Keynote: Nordic Co-operation in Mining-related Education and Research
Prof. Pertti Lamberg, Luleå University of Technology

"Pertti Lamberg graduated from University of Oulu in geology and mineralogy 1990 and received his doctoral degree from University of Turku in 2005. Between 1990 and 2010 he worked in Outokumpu and Outotec. Pertti's research areas have included lithogeochemical exploration tools of nickel sulphides, applied/process mineralogy, modeling and simulation of minerals processing and development of metallurgical software HSC Chemistry. Pertti started as a professor of geometallurgy in Luleå in January 2010. His current research activities are in the area of geometallurgy of iron ores and modeling of minerals processes based on particle properties. Pertti is one of the leaders of the EMERALD, which is the Erasmus Mundus master program in georesources engineering together with Universities of Liège, Nancy, Freiberg and Luleå. He is leading the ProMinNET researcher network on process mineralogy and geometallurgy." 

Riikka Aaltonen

Riikka Aaltonen, Senior Adviser, Mineral Policy, Enterprise and Innovation Department, Ministry of Employment and the Economy

"M.Sc. Riikka Aaltonen has experience from Mining Authority both at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and at The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. Prior to that she has a background in mining industry in Finland and Sweden."

Asko Käpyaho

EU Funded Projects on Raw Materials: Opportunities to Strengthen Co-operation Between Research Community and Industry?
Asko Käpyaho, Senior Scientist, Geological Survey of Finland

"Asko Käpyaho is Senior Scientist in the Geological Survey of Finland. He got a PhD in 2007 from the University of Helsinki. Mr. Käpyaho has a background in geochemistry, exploration and nuclear waste management. His current research activity is related to genesis of Archaean orogenic gold, and he is also EuroGeoSurvey´s representative in the Sherpa-group of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials." 

Tobias Bauer

3D and 4D Modelling of Mineral Belts in the Northern Part of the Fennoscandian Shield
Dr. Tobias Bauer, Luleå University of Technology

"Tobias Bauer graduated from the University of Munich with a specialization on ore deposits. He worked on structurally controlled, epithermal deposits in Greece. Afterwards, he made his PhD at Luleå University of Technology.

He developed 3D- and 4D-models of the Skellefte mining district in northern Sweden, visualizing the geological history, structural setting and deformation of ore deposits and associated host rocks. Currently he is working on 3D- and 4D-models of the Gällivare area in the northern Norrbotten ore province and especially the structural setting of the Aitik and Malmberget ore deposits."  

Andrée Cooligan

Arctic Opportunities and Threats: Infrastructure and Logistical Challenges - A Canadian Perspective
Ambassador Andrée Cooligan, Embassy of Canada to Finland

"Andrée Noëlle Cooligan joined the Department of External Affairs and International Trade in 1991 following work in the airline industry. Ms. Cooligan has served abroad as Trade Commissioner in Thailand, Senior Trade Commissioner and Consul in Turkey and as Chargé d'Affaires and Commercial Program Manager in Finland. Ms. Cooligan was stationed in Cyprus and Turkey during the Government of Canada's evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon in 2006. In Ottawa, Ms. Cooligan has held management positions as Acting Director and Deputy Director for the Trade Commissioner Service Marketing Division and the Regional Offices Division, as well as in the Communications Bureau, and has served as Desk Officer for Southeast Asia.

Prior to taking on her duties as Canada's Ambassador to the Republic of Finland, Ms. Cooligan was the Commercial Counsellor at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin, Germany from 2010-2013. Ms Cooligan holds a Bachelor of Arts (1988) from the University of Ottawa, with combined credits from Laval University. Ms. Cooligan speaks English, French, German and Finnish." 

Wolfgang Maier

Chair: Afternoon Session

Prof. Wolfgang Maier, Cardiff University

"Wolfgang Maier is Professor for Ore Geology at Cardiff University in Wales. He studied geology at the University of Munich, Germany (MSc on South African BIFs, 1987) and Rhodes University, South Africa (PhD on the Bushveld Complex, 1992). He taught igneous petrology and economic geology at the Universities of Pretoria (South Africa), Chicoutimi (Canada), and Western Australia.

Wolf's research centered on petrological and geochemical processes in mafic-ultramafic igneous systems that contribute to our understanding of continental magmatism, mantle evolution, plate tectonics and the formation of magmatic ore deposits including PGE, Ni-Cu, Cr, and V-Ti-Fe deposits."

Kimmo Pietikäinen

Co-chair: Afternoon Session

Dr. Kimmo Pietikäinen, Regional Director, Geological Survey of Finland

"Ph.D. in structural geology, Michigan Technological University USA, 1995.

Geologist at Geological Survey Southern Finland and Mid Finland Offices, Division Manager at Northern Finland Office since 2009 and Regional Director since 2012. Mr. Pietikäinen is the Chair of the FEM Organizing Committee."  

Stephen Fraser

Keynote: Knowledge from Data Using Self Organizing Maps
Stephen Fraser, (FAusIMM), Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO (Australia)

"Stephen Fraser is a geologist/explorationist by training and inclination, with data analysis and interpretation skills related to minerals exploration and mining. He has interests and capabilities in the areas of remote sensing and spectral analysis (satellite, aircraft, HyLogger®, PIMA & Face Mapper studies), geochemistry, airborne and down-hole geophysics, and in the display, interpretation and storage of spatially-located geoscientific data.

More recently he has researched data mining and visualization techniques for the integrated analysis of complex, spatially-located data sets for both exploration and mining purposes. Currently, he is leading projects aimed at developing a geochemical down-hole neutron-activation logging tool for routine use by the minerals industry."  

Arkady Kalinin

Gold in the Kola Peninsula, Russia: Are there Promising Areas and what are Conditions of Licensing?
Arkady Kalinin, Senior Research Worker, Geological Institute of KSC RAS

"Arkady Kalinin, senior research worker of the Geological Institute, Kola Scence Centre. He started his geological career in 1980, and gained a PhD in 1986. Arkady has over 30 years' experience on metallogeny and ore geology, especially on gold and PGE deposits.

In 2000 he took position of the head of Geological Department the Kola Geological Laboratory-Informational Centre, where executed revision of cadaster of mineral deposits of the Murmansk region and compiled maps of licensing in the Kola Peninsula. In 2004 Arkady Kalinin joined Kola Mining-Geological Company as a chief geologist, then general director, and carried out exploration for PGE in the East Pansky layered massif. For the last four years he has concentrated on gold mineralization in Archean and Proterozoic greenstone belts of the Kola region."  

Alexander Mikhailov

Finland - Opportunities for Junior Exploration Companies. Practical Experience.
Alexander Mikhailov, General Director, Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) Ltd

"Alexander Mikhailov has more than 30 years of practical gold exploration experience around the world. His specialisation is regional target selection and the design and implementation of exploration programmes." 

Øystein Rushfeldt

Nussir ASA - Frontrunner in the New Era of Metal Mining in Norway
Øystein Rushfeldt, CEO, Nussir ASA

"Mining engineer with 25 years of experience from Norwegian and international mining companies.

Former employers include Rana Gruber AS, Sydvaranger AS, Hustadmarmor AS, Titania AS and Eramet Norge AS."

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