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Students at FEM 2017

FEM has a long tradition of sponsoring students' participation at FEM. This sponsorship is given to full-time undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in the form of reduced registration fee. Moreover, students are welcome to present their CV on the CV board.

NordMin - A Nordic Network of Expertise for a Sustainable Mining and Mineral Industry project as well as the Finnish Mining Association (FinnMin) have awarded scholarships for students to attend FEM 2017.

Scholarship students are also invited to attend the Student - Industry Networking Luncheon on Wednesday.

FEM 2017 Survey Booth
FEM has ordered from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences a survey about the regional influence of the FEM conference in Levi.

The survey has been planned and will be carried out as an interview study by the students also working as FEM staff.

We hope that FEM participants will contribute to this survey during the event and thus give useful information about FEM.

- FEM Organizers